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Vintage - Stirling Cycle Miser - Low Temp Stirling Cycle  Vickie - Victorian Stirling Cycle  Beamer - Stirling Cycle Beam 
Duplex - Vacuum Stirling Cycle  Ringbom Stirling Cycle Pump 4-in-1 - Vacuum (atmospheric) Mini Stirling Cycle Fan

Super Stirling Cycle Fan Sideshaft Vacuum (atmospheric)  Farm Boy 4 -Cycle Hit-&-Miss Howell V-Four 4-Cycle Gas
Howell V-Twin 4-Cycle Gas 1906 Bill 4-Cycle Gas Power House 4-Cycle Gas Plunket Jr. 4-Cycle Gas
Howell 2-Jet Throttle Howell Mag. Drive Water Pump "1779" 24 Pounder Naval Cannon Precision Mini Drill Press
Micro Drill Press High Speed Auxiliary Mill Spindle Mini Propane Burners / Regulator Gear Cutting w/out Index Plates

Radius & Ball Turning Attachment Telegraph Key & Sounder Millers Falls Miterbox Saw Transistor Ignition Modules

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