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Mini Propane Burner & Regulator Plans

I needed the ability to adjust flame size over a wide range and to be able to "set it and leave it" for a half dozen or so engines that I have running at shows and not have one of them run out of fuel and come to a stop while I was talking to builders like you.

I also wanted the ability to have a sideways flame for my "Sideshaft" and "4-in-1" Vacuum Engines and some future projects. These low pressure burners have an air adjustment that allows control of the flame (yellow tipped - to blue with an intense light blue inner cone) as well as the flame size.

There is also design information and a cut-away drawing of a neat and compact pressure regulator. Gas pressure can be adjusted from zero to more than the burner needs - about 8 lbs. per square inch. There is also a parts layout for an excess flow valve which will permit safe use of flexible tubing rather than piping to supply gas to the burner.

You can have accurate speed control of your stirling and atmospheric engines. Also, your atmospheric engines will stay clean inside instead of getting gummed up from using an alcohol flame. A $2.00 bottle of propane will operate a burner for around 70 hours! You and your "hot-air" engine projects will benefit from being operated with a powerful mini propane burner that is only 2" high!

1/8" bore x 1/4 OD silicone tubing should be used with the burners. The burners can get fairly warm in use and the vinyl aquarium tubing or other plastic tubing that you might be inclined to use to connect the burner to the propane source will soften and may come off the burner hose fitting. The silicone tubing is very soft and flexible, will withstand the temperature of molten solder, really clings to metal hose fittings and will not take a set or become hard with age. Hobby shops that sell model airplanes and engines will have this.

The plans set consists of 3 sheets of drawings and a sheet of construction and assembly notes.

"I got your plans, thanks. Excellent quality. They are much better than the usual sort of rubbish I find in the UK." - Danny Quinlan (Brentwood, Essex, England)

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Propane Burner Plans

Jet Alternative

The plans state that we have .006" propane jets with 2-56 threads for sale for $6.00.  Dad made these, and supply soon ran out after he passed away in 2009.  I found a web site by Dean Williams who used an inexpensive "watch pivot bushing" for the burner jet.  He inserted this bushing into the head of a 2-56 brass cap screw.  See his web site for complete details on using this alternative jet idea:

The bushing measures 1mm X 1.2mm and has a .006 hole in the center. Shown below just to the right of the screw.

(Photo courtesy Dean Williams)
Watch Pivot Bushing (for jet)
Pivot Bushing Jet

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