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Metal Lathe Ball & Radius Turning Attachment

This heavy duty radius attachment was designed for an Emco Maier "Maximat Super 11" lathe but it can be resized and/or modified to fit most 9"and larger machines.

It will turn convex radii up to 3" diameter and concave radii up to 4-1/2". There are fine feed screws on both X and Y axis movement for accurate control of radii on the work piece, allowing for flanges on hemispheres and other circumstances. The unit features dovetail slides with integral adjustable gibs.

The tool holder is designed for maximum flexibility in positioning the tool. All component parts are very heavily designed and the pivot system has a very large bearing area. Sooner or later most machinists will need this type of attachment for the lathe.

The plans set consists of 6 sheets of drawings.

Specifications:  Quill Diameter: 1/2", Quill Travel: 1/2", Throat Depth: 1-3/4", Drill Capacity: 1/16", Height: Approx. 7" 

"I've checked over the very excellent drawings and am impressed. I'm an ex-Boeing design engineer, and I've worked with a lot of drawings and yours impress me." - Jack M. Nuckols (Hanson, Idaho)

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Metal Lathe Ball Plans
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