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Precision Mini Drill Press Plans

The Precision Mini Drill Press is designed to handle up to 1/4" (.250") drill bits. It fills a need for a drill press between my Micro Drill Press and the regular commercial 1/2" to 5/8" bench drill presses. The unit is machined primarily from aluminum alloy bar stock and drill rod and the base is machined from a cast iron lifting weight. The drill press features an adjustable quill depth stop, quill lock, a shop made electro-magnetic base/table and provisions for a 2" travel dial drilling depth indicator for high precision drilling depth.

It is powered by a high torque 2-1/2" diameter permanent magnet field DC ball bearing motor. Speed can be adjusted using a variable voltage DC power supply, and/or also by choosing one of three steps on the pulleys.

There are a lot of other ways that you can think of to power yours. One is to use a universal type AC motor such as on a sewing machine and a light dimmer to vary the RPM. The quill feed is by standard rack and pinion gear.

The plans set consists of 10 sheets of drawings and 1 sheet of construction notes.


Recommended Chuck

 Albrecht 65-J1
 Drilling Capacity

 0 - 1/4"
 Quill Diameter

 Quill Travel

 Spindle CL to Column

 Column Diameter

 Column Height

 Table Diameter


"As an experienced mechanical draftsman (in a past career!), I can appreciate the detail and quality of the drawings." - Lawrence Keating (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

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Mini Drill Press Plans
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