Rimfire Long Reach Spark Plugs


These are the new Rimfire brand Long Reach 1/4-32 spark plugs by Paul Knapp. On many engines, the regular reach plugs don't allow the spark gap to be as close to the combustion chamber as it should be. These not only put the spark closer to the combustion chamber, but because the porcelain insulator inside the body is longer, the plug will run a little hotter and cleaner. I am sure these will make a lot of model engines run better than ever. Rimfire plugs have ceramic insulators and the ground strap is part of the body, not an add on that can fall off. The plugs are 1.080" overall length and they are .350" long from under the body to and including the ground strap. The plugs come in a nifty little screw cap vial.

They came with (2) copper gaskets when the photo was taken, but since then they come with just (1) copper gasket (.031" thick) , which is all that is needed anyway.

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Rimfire VR2L Spark Plug

NGK CM-6 Spark Plug

NGK traditional plugs are constructed for longer life and optimum performance. Corrugated ribs prevent flashover. NGK uses only the purest alumina silicate in its ceramic insulator which give all NGK plugs greater strength and better heat transfer. Copper cored and triple sealed to further aid in heat removal and prevent interior leakage.

10mm Thread, 8.6mm (.339") Reach, 9/16" (14.3mm) Hex Size, Gasket Seat, Non-Resistor, Solid Terminal, .016" (0.4mm) Gap, Heat Range 6

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NGK CM-6 Spark Plug
Item ID: NGK-CM6

Spark Plug Wire

30 inch length of 1/8" diameter high voltage ignition wire.  

If your coil does not come with a high voltage spark plug wire, we recommend using this high voltage wire from the coil to your spark plug, and for 4-wire coils, from the coil to the engine ground as well.  Failure to use a high voltage wire risk shorting your spark plug through adjacent wires (yes - a spark can jump through wire insulation) and possibly damaging other ignition components.

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Spark Plug Wire

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